Swedish Tourist Drowned in Krabi

Police suspects an underlying illness to be the main cause of the drowning of the Swedish tourist Anette Aberg, age 68, that died on Long Beach, Krabi on Sunday 5 February 2012.

Police Lieutenant Niwat Timgate who came with the local paramedic service to the scene said Swedish Anette Aberg, age 68, was found dead on the beach, no wounds, and had been dead for at least one hour before his arrival. The body was delivered to Krabi Hospital to perform an autopsy.


The initial investigated revealed that she had gone swimming alone. About 30 minutes later, the body was found in the sea about 10 meters from the beach. Other tourists at the beach took the body up from the sea and made CPR but was unable to revive her. Before going for the swim she had had only one can of beer so it was unlikely that this could have been the cause of her death.

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