Norwegian expert assists implementation of NiE Indonesia

A Norwegian expert in NiE (Newspaper in Education) has played an important role in setting up a programme to promote the use of newspapers in classrooms among teachers, educators, and newspaper publishers in Indonesia.
      Jan Vincens Steen, the Norwegian NiE expert initiated Indonesia’s NiE programme by getting the newspaper publishers’ association in the country interested in it, then helped them secure funding through the World Association of Newspaper (WAN).
      With support from the local newspaper association and WAN, Indonesia has already set up NiE Indonesia, and has been working hard on the direction to use newspapers, which is a rich resource of information and teaching material, as a means to improve education and reading in the country.
      NiE Indonesia has so far conducted three workshops for newspapers and teachers in three Indonesian cities, coordinated by WAN with assistance from Steen and some funding from Norway’s global newsprint provider Norske Skog. At each workshop, teachers, journalists, and publishers were invited to learn about the value of using newspapers in the classroom.
      At the most recent workshop held in Bali on July 15 and 16, Steen gave participants a glimpse of NiE around the world and shared how newspaper publishers embarked on a range of projects and activities to get students interested in reading and using the newspapers in the classroom. He also conducted a few NiE activities with the teachers.
      The Norwegian expert also conducted the first two workshops, in Merak and in Medan. He has also been instrumental in setting up the Passport project – the publication and distribution of booklets of NiE activities given to every student.

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