Denmark and Sweden help Vietnam preserve cultural legacy

The Denmark-Vietnam Cultural Fund and the Sweden-Vietnam Cultural Fund together make an effort to reconstruct and preserve the Vietnamese cultural patrimony, which has been left unprotected from the climate in various parts of the country.
      Viet Nam is a culturally rich country, which has more than ten thousand villages and each has at least one pagoda dedicated to Buddha, a communal house for the worship of the tutelary genie of the village as well as various temples.
      Each of these worshipping places, often very modest houses, statues, steles, bells, sonorous stone plaques, sculptured wooden articles, royal certificates accorded to local genies, sutras, etc., make up a total of 70 to 80 per cent of our national heritage of architectural, sculptural and graphic works.
      Through the millennia, the tropical climate, floods, fires, wars and insects have destroyed millions of works that were poorly protected by bamboo or wooden temples, many of which are irreparable losses.
      The Sweden-Viet Nam Cultural Fund in collaboration with the Denmark-Vietnam Cultural Fund have made more than one report to contribute to the conservation of the Vietnamese cultural heritage as they have carried out more than a hundred conservation projects on cultural relics in different villages.

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