Royal Thai Air Force Trades Airplanes with Sweden

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) recently traded three G222 aircrafts, a medium sized transport aircraft, with a Saab 340B, a Swedish two-engine turbopop aircraft with ERIEYE Airborne Early Warning Radar System (AEW). The Saab340B has arrived in Surat Thani on May 2.

Due to a shortage in spare parts of G222 aircraft, RTAF decided to exchange its three G222 transport aircrafts with a Saab 340B for transport and training.  Air Marshal Chomphon Chanthavani signed the exchange contract in the US in February this year.

Equipped with the ERIEYE AEW Radar System, Saab 340B is powered by two 870-shp (1394-kW) General-Electric CT7-9B turboprop engines and can fit up to 36 passengers. The aircraft arrived and was handed over by Saab at Wing 7 in Surat Thani on May 2.

The air force earlier purchased 12 Gripen fighter jets, a Saab 340 AEW airborne early warning aircraft and a Saab 340 aircraft from the Swedish manufacturer.

The RTAF is considered one of the top Air Forces in Southeast Asia in terms of capacity and modernization of aircraft.

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