Danish Lord Mayor Spoke at Beijing Urbanisation Seminar

At the seminar Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, together with Pan Jiahua, Director of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, China Academy of Social Sciences, were among the key speakers when they spoke about potential solutions for China’s urban challenges.

The level of urbanisation in China has exceeded 50% and is in rapid development. This offers a huge development potential and market opportunities. At the same time, China faces challenges of optimising the layout and form of urbanisation, promoting the transfer of rural population into cities, and improving the sustainability of the city.

Frank Jensen was keen to share green solution possibilities at the urbanisation seminar in Beijing.

“Copenhagen has accumulated rich experiences related to urban development, while facing challenges of energy and natural resource conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. I’m very proud of our water management that means that our water loss is among the lowest in the world. Beijing faces challenges within water preservation and I’m happy that Beijing and Copenhagen can corporate and share experiences,” said Frank Jensen.

Danish water management is considered one of the best in the world. Copenhagen tap water is clean, and due to leak detection technology, regulation and other migration  measures, the water losses in pipes is as low as 6 percent.

The sustainable urbanisation seminar was initiated by the Danish Embassy and EUCCC due to the recent joint declaration on the EU-China partnership on urbanisation.

For more information about green solutions please see http://www.stateofgreen.com/cn

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