Fjord Nominated for Film Festival Again

This year, director Skule Eriksen and Ibisfilm AS will participate in the World Mountain Documentary Festival of Qinghai China with their acclaimed documentary Fjord although it is not the first time the film has been noticed in China.

The film was nominated for a prize at the Sichuan TV Festival and was also shown at China Ya’an International Panda Animal and Nature Film Week in 2011.

It has also already been shown in festivals all over the world and has won numerous prizes at both European and American film awards.

The international film jury at Envirofilm, Slovakia awarded Fjord for the Prize for the Best Camera Work in 2011 saying the jury was captivated by this poem made of pictures not only because of the brilliant camera work, but also because of its special ability to tell a story without words.

Fjord was shot in Nærøyfjord, one of the narrowest fjords of Western Norway. The fjord is one of the main tourist attractions in Norway, and the landscape was included in UNESCOs world heritage list in 2005.

The filmmaker Skule Eriksen wanted to visually explore why this landscape is so famous and considered as valuable. He tried to capture the atmosphere of a landscape with a deep cultural history, but which today is home to only a few people.

His aim was purely artistic, as he also wanted to challenge the conventional way of making films about nature.

The film is poetic and rhythmic in its approach to the landscape with an aim to take the audience into the place, rather than only showing it to them. The film has no voice-overs or narration to it just calming music and breathtaking sceneries of fjords in Norway.

World Mountain Documentary Festival was established in 2008 and is held every second year with an aim to discover and honor the leading filmmakers around the world who make documentaries about mountains and uplands.

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