Norwegian Students Visiting The Consulate General In Shanghai

On 17th July, Elin Gjedrem, Acting Consul General at the Norwegian Consulate General, and Ivar Moesman, Project Manager from Innovation Norway, each held an instructive presentation for 19 Norwegian students. The students attended the annual summer course “Introduction to Modern China” at the Nordic Centre in Shanghai and came from different Norwegian universities.

The students got brief introductions to Shanghai, the daily work of the Consulate General and Innovation Norway, and the Chinese culture and business. The students showed great interest in the daily work of the Consulate General and the career opportunities in China.

The Nordic Centre at Fudan University is responsible for the summer course open to students from all the Nordic countries that aim to give Nordic students a brief and comprehensive introduction to the modern China, through economic, sociological, political and cultural perspectives. The length of the course was 3 weeks. Beside lectures there was also social activities like karaoke night.

The Nordic Centre, which was established in 1996 at the Fudan University in Shanghai, has ambition to be a cluster for mutual interest to Nordic and Chinese education, research and business.


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