Swedish Electrolux Introduces New Gas Hobs to the Thai Market

If you are a fan of Thai food, you may notice that many of the Thai dishes especially classic stir-fry dishes require strong flames to cook.  Finding the perfect hob for cooking Thai food at home can be a challenge as most convenient hobs lack the powerful flames needed.  The Swedish brand ‘Electrolux’ taps the opportunity and introduces “The Brio and Maxiflame hobs”, the well-designed hobs with strong flame power, to the Thai market.

The sleek modern-designed “Electrolux Brio hobs” are energy efficiency.  The Brio features a 4.3 kW high-efficiency wok burner that gets your wok hotter and faster 30 % than the average consumer model. In addition, the Brio Perforated Diffuser offers precise heat control together with an even and stable flame that ensures your food is perfectly cooked, no matter how large the portion. A sleek safety glass surface combined with an Easy Fit Brass Cap with an interlocking design makes it easier to clean after use.

The “Electrolux Maxiflame hobs” offer stronger and faster flame power.  There are two very different burners that provide powerful heat sources for boiling and stir-frying – two of the most popular methods of cooking especially for Thai cuisine. The Maxiflame Wok Burner rivals professional cooking hobs with a maximum power rating of 4.8 kW. Powered by Elevated Triple Jets, which enhances the air and fuel mixture for a clean and stable flame, the Maxiflame provides faster heat-up times while using less energy than similar models.

Other design features include the easy clean sealed cook top that helps prevent messy spillage into the hob interior. The cooking surface is also large with spacious burner layout easily accommodating a wok, pan and pot at the same time, giving the freedom and flexibility to cook multiple dishes at one go and save on cooking time. 

Electrolux expects both hob ranges will be in strong demand.

For more information, contact 02 635 7151-2 or visit this link 

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