Danish Singer Causes Stir in China

Two female Danish celebrities have been causing a stir overseas this week. Chinese origin Danish rapper Linkoban, who goes under the name Ling Ly in China, performed several songs blacklisted by Chinese ministry of culture in Beijing. Brigitte Nielsen has been making headlines after passing out in an LA park on August 4 following her binge drinking.

Linkoban had been invited to play at InMusic – China’s answer to Woodstock, which is held every year in Hebei in the last week of July. But she withdrew after most of her songs were put on a blacklist.
“We sent five songs with lyrics to the Chinese Ministry of Culture,” Linkoban’s manager, Kettil Myrstrand, told the media. “Only one out of five songs was approved by the ministry, with no further explanation.”

Instead Linkoban ended up performing several songs blacklisted at two nightclubs in Beijing, upsetting over 1.35 billion people. Needless to say, the Chinese state was not amused.

The 49-year-old professional reality TV star Brigitte Nielsen has been making headlines again after passing out in an LA park. She was seen drinking out of a Popov Vodka bottle and chain-smoking before what appeared to be vomiting behind a bench. She then used mouthwash before exiting the park through a bush.

Nielsen – who rose to fame through her marriage and subsequent divorce to Sylvester Stallone in the 1980s – first entered rehab in 2007, and has since spoken out about the damaging effect that her alcoholism has had on her life, saying it is something she “lives with every day”.

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