A Swedish School is Opening up in Hua Hin

The school in Hua Hin is being set up by Sanuk- the Swedish school of Thailand. Sanuk was the first Swedish school to establish in Thailand already in 2004 on the island of Koh Lanta, a couple of years ago they also established a second school in the tropical paradise of Huay Yang.

Sanuk schools offer Scandinavians in general and Swedish families in particular the service of both preschool and school and they also have their own Childclub for tourists visiting Thailand. The schools welcomes families that stay in Thailand for a period between 4 weeks and up to several years.

Patrik, one of the school owners says, “-The schools follow the Swedish curriculum and only work with educated and experienced teachers in very small groups with no more than up to about 10 children in each class. The quality school service that we offer has been very well received and appreciated by the families in both Koh Lanta and Huay Yang.

Since Hua Hin is a very popular area for Swedish families it feels natural for us to establish a school there in order to offer all Scandinavians in the area the service of a high quality education according to the school curriculum from our part of the world.

We´ve just finished the recruitment of qualified teachers in Sweden, found a great house for the school to operate in that´s very close to the beach at Soi 9/1 and also hired a Swedish principal to manage the school. So far we´ve also got a lot of positive attention from families planning to come to Hua Hin so I look forward to opening up this school at the 12:th of November.“

For more information about Sanuk schools please feel free to look at their website http://www.svenskaskolanthailand.se/


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