Outsourcing young Danes to Thailand

A new trend has emerged in Denmark. Many young entrepreneurs left Denmark to do a business in Asia, particularly in Thailand. And they bring other young Danes as employees.

When a Danish company receives a call from Telia Erhverv (part of a phone company targeting business customers), the call is probably done by Mydata’s branch in Thailand.

Mydata works for Telia Erhverv and employs 20-30 young Danes as telemarketing assistants. The company is located in a holiday paradise Hua Hin.

“It’s easy to start a business in Thailand, because it is so cheap. It requires much more capital to set up a business in Denmark,” says 24-year-old Mikkel Schmidt, who has been in Thailand for three and a half years.

Here he is a project manager and partner at VSI Group, which among other things develops websites for Danish companies. While Danish employees are responsible for customer contact, many Thai employees do the heavy – and in Denmark expensive programming work.

Although VSI employs many academics, the cost of labour is still considerably cheap comparing with the labour cost of employing such talents in Denmark.

“The city, we have placed ourselves in is a university town, where it is easy to get educated programmers at a low salary,” Mikkel Schmidt explains.

Danish employees usually get a lower salary than in Denmark because the cost of living is so much lower in Thailand.

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