37 year old Swede accused of faking luxurious clothes

Cheap original Canada Goose jackets and polo shirts from Lyle & Scott, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, was an offer some business owners in Sweden found it difficult to reject.

The 37 year old Swede, who the police believe to be the principal behind the fraud, and whish offered the commodities to potential customers by email, explained the cheap prices by telling it was stock lot from bankrupt shops. But it was not. It was cheap fakes send from Thailand to his parent in Sweden.

He has been jailed in Sweden since the end of May, where he was arrested in Thailand.

Those business owners who bought the clothes of 37-year-old require 1.2 million kroner (5.6 million bath) in compensation. Sales shall have been going on from 2009 to spring 2012.

The maximum penalty for trademark infringement is two years’ imprisonment, while serious fraud can give a maximum of six years in prison. The trial, which began on Tuesday in Stockholm District Court, is scheduled for eight days.

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