JJCT completes Bt7.8-million ETA network system upgrading project

Jebsen & Jessen Communications in Thailand (JJCT) at the end of June 2004 completed a Bt7.8-million network system upgrading project for the Expressway and Rapid Transit Authourity of Thailand (ETA), which is a state owned organisation responsible for the construction, maintenance and management of expressways and public transportation infrastructures.
     The project, awarded to JJCT and main contractor UCOM in March, involved using an IP telephony system to enhance existing infrastructure system with new high-speed network equipment and communication technology.
     With the Avaya Data Networking Solution, JJCT has installed two high-speed core switches at the main control centres and 28 edge switches at every toll plaza areas linked with high-speed fibre optic cables. These toll plaza areas were installed with Avaya IP phones controlled by three Avaya IP PABX units.

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