Chinese tycoon and poet remain interested in building H.C.Andersen Park

A delegation from Chinese tycoon Huang Nubo’s investment company Zhongkun Investment Group Co Ltd and China Development Bank has been on a three day visit to Denmark. They spent one day in Odense, H.C.Andersen’s birth town, were they met with Mayor Anker Boye. Odense has for years wanted a H.C.Andersen theme park and has reserved a large plot for the construction.

“They stressed that the visit was research, but it was a very dynamic meeting, which ended in negotiation in the sense that we started talking about, what Odense has to offer. My experience was that they were genuinely interested,” says Anker Boye.

Henrik Brandt, CEO of Invest in Denmark Asia Department, tells that the aim of the visit was to research the possibilities for building a theme holiday park in Denmark, which is Zhongkun Investment Group specialty.

“It is clear that a HCA-park is high on their agenda. Hans Christian Andersen is very popular in China,” he says.

Trade and Investment Minister Pia Olsen Dyhr call the visit to Denmark an important step in the right direction.

“Huang Nubo’s people spend time and money to come to Denmark, and they come in company with China Development Bank. That tells me they are taking this seriously, and so do we. We will continue to be in regular contact with them,” the Minister says.


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