Greendland seminar hosted at the Embassy

On November 6th, 2012, a seminar about Greenland was hosted at the Danish Embassy in Beijing in order to introduce the opportunities Greenland can offer to China in the area of travel, food and fur fashion.

At the seminar Greenland’s tourism destinations ranging from the Unesco World Heritage site at Ilulissat Icefjord in the north, to the lush and green Greenland in the South was presented. Furthermore the Greenlandic food festival Igasa, which means let’s cook, was presented as an example of Greenlandic food traditions. In the end a collection of sealskin fur coats were shown to the participating guests.

To travel is to live
Among the guests at the seminar were the Greenlandic Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Mr. Ove Karl Berthelsen and the Danish Ambassador to China, Mr. Friis Arne Petersen. The companies Great Greenland, Royal Greenland, Visit Greenland and Air Greenland were among the guests that gave their presentations about the offers that Greenland has. From Chinese side the travel companies China International Travel Service, Fujian Comfort Travel,, China Luxtrip Holding and Beijing Air China Travel Service participated in the event.

The seminar was opened by Minister Berthelsen.

“From Greenland’s side, we have seen a positive and growing interest from China. It is an interest which we are very happy and thankful for. We are every year experiencing that several Chinese travel to Greenland on a visit to experience a unique and completely different destination”, said Minister Berthelsen.

Ambassador Petersen in his welcome remark highlighted Greenland’s new role in a globalized world where the Chinese economic growth create new opportunities for Greenland. Tourism, food, culture and mineral resources are some of the most important areas for a new era of Greenlandic economic activity in cooperation with growth economies such as the Chinese.

The seminar ended with a lunch in the Ambassador’s residence where the guests were introduced to a row of traditional Greenlandic dishes.

Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen (left) and Minister Ove Karl Berthelsen (right).

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