Jacob Jensen CEO eyes to ‘lift up’ Thailand with style

Danish internationally-known designer Timothy Jacob Jensen revealed on Thursday his moves to establish a design studio in Thailand.

An educational profitable studio would offer young Thai designers a real working experience under the instruction of the Jacob Jensen team to produce design works – products, architecture, graphics, serial manufacture – to clients from Thailand and neighboring Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

“Our purpose is not to exploit – get the brain or cheap labor. We want to bring in young Thai designers so they can learn some more and help raising the living standard of Thailand,” said chief designer and CEO of Jacob Jensen Brand, who was scheduled to meet with local investors, university delegates and governmental officials to find the right partners on Nov 8.

“With our methods, I think we can contribute to make Thai design even better, to help the young designers to have broader outlook, and make better products for Thai industry. When they sell more products, people pay more taxes, and you lift up the society.”

The initiative follows an establishment of the Jacob Jensen Design | DeTao Shanghai in August. The 500sq meter studio was opened in cooperation with the Beijing based DeTao Group under the DeTao Masters Academy.

Choosing to bring the charitable project to Thailand, Jensen reasoned his love for the country, where he first came as a bag-packer in 1989 and has inspected a changing behavior in Thai consumers.

“I was told that people in Thailand are wealthier, everybody wants what the Americans had in the 50s, what we (Danes) had in the 60s, what the Japanese had in the 70s and so forth. There’s a growing economy. And I want to contribute,” said the Danish designer.

The studio, if given a green light, would target local young designers who acquire bachelor degrees to be working for one or two years. However, international students could send in their applications for considerations.

When asked of the opening date, he noted that he’ll open the studio if all criteria meet: “I’ll only do it if I have an educational partner, a local investor and myself.”

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