Danish LEGO Group supports World Robot Olympiad

From 9 – 11 November, World Robot Olympaid 2012 is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For several years in a row, Danish LEGO Education has been a main sponsor of World Robot Olympaid (WRO). This year’s WRO theme is social robots – “robots that can be a part of our social life”.

Malaysia is having the honor of hosting the World Robot Olympiad 2012. World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is a worldwide robotics competition that has proven successful in raising students’ interest in science, technology and robotics globally. It has given students an accessible, equal playing field to gain, learn and test their knowledge at the world stage. It gives them confidence in their abilities to use technology in an innovative way and experience how it is relevant to their future.

WRO works closely together with their sponsors, who share the same values and goals about children and education. LEGO Education has been a main sponsor of WRO for seven years in a row including this year.

The LEGO Group places importance on “learning”. After many years of cooperation and research together with educators and child development specialists, the LEGO Group has built a rich understanding of what it takes to provide effective learning and experience. The LEGO Education is supporting projects which are focusing on applying knowledge as a means to expand learning.

For more information about WRO, follow this link.

To read more about the LEGO Education, follow this link

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