Finns talked B2B opportunities in HK and China

Members of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce together with the Consulate General of Finland and Finnish company Tekes gathered to have a discussion about the outlook of service business (B2B) in Hong Kong and in China on November 16th, where Ms. Jaana Auramo who is the Senior Adviser and Program Manager from Tekes introduced the Serve program and what the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation can offer Finnish companies.

The Serve – Pioneers of Service Business programme encourages Finnish companies to become global forerunners in the customer-centric, knowledge-based service business. Serve aims at the creation of new knowledge in service innovation and encouraging the development of innovative and internationally competitive service concepts in companies by challenging traditional ways of doing things both at the strategic and the operational level.

The Seminar was lively and chatty and it definitely provided some new insights.

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