Danish Ambassador premiers Chinese climate documentary

In order to put the world’s climate challenges into focus, the Danish ambassador to China, Mr. Friis Arne Petersen, participated in the opening ceremony of CCTV’s new 12-episode documentary, ‘Warm and Cold, We Share Together – a civilization journey of climate’.

During the event ambassador Petersen met and talked with Mr. Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission in China about the climate challenges that China face and how Denmark has already shown the way to solve some of these challenges. The ambassador also met Wang Xiaokang, chairman of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group.

Facing climate challenges together
The documentary is the first of its kind ever made by a Chinese media. The documentary visits ten countries – among those Denmark – and regions on five continents and is expected to call for people’s responsibility and actions towards climate change. At the same time it studies global factual cases and shares successful experiences in an unprecedented Chinese perspective.

“China has the largest population in the world and will most likely in the next decade also have the largest economy in the world. Therefore it is of utmost importance for the world what China chooses to do. I feel that there is a will to act in order to deal with the challenges that climate change pose, and I hope that this documentary will be able to open more eyes towards the challenges we face together,” said Ambassador Petersen at the opening.

Collaborating for a better climate
The event was advocated and hosted by CCTV and China Meteorological Administration (CMA), with the support of National Development and Reform Commission, State Council Information Office and the China Clean Development Mechanism Fund Management Centre of the Ministry of Finance. The event was undertaken by the Science and Education Programming Centre of CCTV along with Beijing Huafeng Group of Meteorological Audio & Video Information.

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