Norwegian choir wins international competition in Guangzhou

On November 11th, The Norwegian choir Cantus from Trondheim won the award for best female choir during “The 1st Xinghai Prize International Choir Championship” in Guangzhou.

The competition is a so-called champions competition, or a world championship for choirs if you will. The Norwegian conductor, Tove Ramlo-Ystad, was impressed by the high level of all participants. The conductor was very pleased with her choir’s near optimal performance, and members of the jury also praised the Norwegian singers, saying their performance was “great art”.

As Cantus was proclaimed the winner, the 30 members entered the stage in Norwegian national costumes, accompanied by the sound of Norway’s national anthem and a cheering audience. “This is the first time the national anthem has been played for us after winning a competition. It was a great feeling entering the stage in national costumes, and we truly felt that we represented Norway”, says Ramlo-Ystad.

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