Sweden warns against Chinese kale from Thailand

The Swedish National Food Administration, SLV, has issued a warning against too high amounts of pesticides in Chinese kale imported from Thailand.
     SLV’s warning comes after tests found the pesticide dichrotofos in samples of Chinese kale from three Thai exporters that ship vegetables to Sweden.
     The measured amounts of the pesticide were far over the allowed limit.
     Dichrotofos may already in fairly small amounts result in nausea, dizziness, confusion, and can if allowed in high measurements paralyse the respiratory organs.
     The samples examined were tested between August and October 2004.
     SLV has contacted Thailand’s embassy in Stockholm which in turn promises that Thai authorities will take action and also promised that future shipments will live up to the SLV regulations.
     The three exporters pinpointed by SLV must in the future report each and every shipment of Chinese kale for inspection by the authority before it can be delivered to shops in Sweden.

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