Danish-Thai Chamber Bicycling Team Back on Tour

The biking team of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce is planning a new 5 days ride, totally about 425 km, from Sukhothai to Ayutthaya either during the first two weeks of December 2005 or during the last two weeks of January 2006.
     The ride will start in Sukhothai, which was the capital city of the first Kingdom of Siam in the 13th century, passing through a beautiful countryside and small villages, not normally visited by tourists. Also riders will be enjoying an overnight stop at Lop Buri to see the summer palace in the 17th century.
     The trip will end at Ayutthaya, which succeeded Sukhothai as capital of Siam during the 15th century.
     The team will aim at doing most of the ride away from the main highways, riding between 80 and 100 km every day.
     There will be support vehicles with bicycle racks, which can accommodate luggage, provisions and bikes and riders, who for various reasons be it fatigue, minor illness, weather etc., may want to get into the vans for part(s) of the ride.
     The price for the ride has not yet been fixed, however, it is a non-profit ride and the cost will only cover individual riders’ shares of actual costs of support vehicles, hotel accommodation and meals and other provisions along the ride.
     Last year a team of DTCC members participated in a bicycle charity ride from Kanchanaburi to Chumporn, a ride of 525 km over 7 days.
     The ‘last year’ team consisted of Henrik Friis (Dantherm), Bent Laasholdt (The Admiral), Morten Luxhoei and Mads Tranum Nielsen (Khao Yai Farmhouse) with wife/girlfriend Irina and Elena and Hans Henrik Melchior (EAC).

     To join the team contacts Hans Henrik Melchior on tel.01 638 3366 or via [email protected].

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