Sweden to Monitor Aceh Mission

The Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta announced that the Government of Sweden will contribute ten monitors to the EU-ASEAN initial monitoring presence in the Aceh Monitoring Mission (AMM).
     The AMM will start from 15 September 2005, while the logistical assistance had been provided to the EU and ASEAN personnel since 15 August.
     The total SEK 40 million were allocated to support of the EU-ASEAN mission.
     The Swedish Rescue Services Agency carried out the logistic operation to facilitate the EU and ASEAN observers to access transportation, telecommunications, and IT.

     Apart from the AMM action, the foreign minister of Sweden Laila Freivalds marked her welcomes to the Aceh peace deal, states that:
     “It is with great satisfaction that I note that the parties have succeeded in reaching an agreement that clears the way for peace in conflict-ridden Aceh.”
     “The determination shown by the parties in order to reach a solution is commendable. After close to 30 years of violence and conflict, and after the enormous suffering that followed the tsunami disaster, it is extremely gratifying that the serious efforts now made at the negotiating table have resulted in an agreement for peace in Aceh.”
     “I would also like to express my great appreciation for Martti Ahtisaaris’ successful mediation during the negotiation process,” says Ms Freivalds, who urges the parties to continue to show determination throughout the entire implementation of the agreement.
     The three decade of conflict between Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) that kill over 10,000 people find its end with peace deal under Moemerendun of Understanding that signed in Helsinki on 15 August.

     Michael Olsson of Swedish Business Association in Indonesia (SBA) also noted in SBA Newsletter issue August about the Aceh peace deal that:
     The peace agreement in Aceh is extremely important for Indonesia. It opens up the way for similar solutions in Papua and other hot spots. The trauma after East Timor will be put to rest and anyone with ideas of independence no longer have any creditability.
     Justice Minister Hamid Awaluddin, the head of the government delegation at talks with the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) in Helsinki, signed the agreement with Malik Mahmud of GAM, at 3.30 PM Jakarta time on August 15 in the Finnish capital.
     The work to reconcile the people of Aceh after the conflict as well as rebuilding Aceh after the tsunami, is a gigantic task. With the political willingness from both camps, the massive support from the international community and with some luck, I am sure that it is going to work out just fine.
     Aceh is on the right track and it seems like the tsunami catastrophy made GAM to realize that it’s not only bad to be a part of a larger country.
     “I strongly believe that the Aceh peace will hold and that this is a milestone in the rebuilding of Indonesia as a democracy. Let us all support Indonesia and get some business ventures up to Aceh.”

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