Hanoi Embassy Keeps Danes in the Loop about Bird Flu Threat

The fear of catching the deadly Bird Flu virus has spread almost as fast as the news of the incidents around Asia and, lately, southeastern Europe. With several victims having been reported in Vietnam, the Danish ambassador in Hanoi, Mr. Peter Lysholt Hansen, has already sent out one briefing to the Danes in the country. Today – Thursday October 20 – he has sent out a second letter, in which he encourages Danes in Vietnam to be frequent visitors of the Embassy’s website in the coming days (or weeks). If something happens, it will most likely happen fast.

In the latest letter, the ambassador reveals that the embassy is even preparing for a worst-case-scenario that would call for an evacuation of Danish citizens.

”As a part of our safety concerns for all Danes we are now colaborating with the present French embassy. This colaboration could potentially include home transportation in case the situation demands it. I would like to emphasize that it is not certain that a home transportation will be possible practically or health-wise. Thus, a decision about any potential home transportation cannot be made until the specific situation arises and an agreement has been made with the Danish authorities,” writes the ambassador, also adding that the expenses of such a home transportation will be paid by the individual person requiring to leave.

 The embassy states that it will brief the Danes again, if the current situation gets any worse

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