Michael Learns To Rock Set to Conquer Cambodia

The four band members has arrived in Cambodia to carry out the first international rock concert ever in this poor country.
“This will be the beginning of getting more artists to Cambodia,” the band’s leader and drummer, Kåre Wanscher, told the media at a press conference in Phnom Pehn.

Popular in Asia
Michael Learns to Rock has had several hits in Asia, and Wednesday evening they will play in front of 700 fans in Cambodia’s national television studio in Phnom Penh. The concert will aired live throughout the entire country – in what, for this country, promises to be a revolutionary music event.

“For a while we have actually hoped for this to happen. That the Cambodian people would get the opportunity to experience international artists and entertainers,” said Kåre Wanscher.

Besides Wanscher, Michael Learns to Rock consists of the guitarist Mikkel Lentz and the keyboard player Jascha Richter. In Denmark, the band is mainly known for their 1991-hit, The Actor.

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