Vestas Moves Jobs to Singapore

Vestas Asia Pacific’s office in Singapore is about to get bigger. Within 2006, functions that are currently positioned in the Danish cities of Ringkobing and Randers will be moved to Singapore. According to the Executive Director of Vestas Asia Pacific, Mr. Thorbjorn Rasmussen, it is not yet known exactly how many employees will be affected by the move.
“It is simply too early to say. And with the general growth we are experiencing in Vestas, we hope that we can move the employees over to other positions, so that we can avoid firing people. But it is impossible to give any guarantees,” Thorbjorn Rasmussen explains to Ringkjobing Amts Dagblad Wednesday.

“We are expecting to move the regional headquarters to Singapore around July 2006. We already have many employees in the area, and the moves are a part of our strategy from 2004 to get closer to the markets and the customers,” says Thorbjorn Rasmussen.

Vestas Asia Pacific currently employs 90 people in Denmark, but with the Administration and Sales departments being moved to Singapore, this number will go down significantly. Only the department for Technical Support will remain in Denmark.

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