Royal Copenhagen Expands its Porcelain Production in Thailand

Royal Copenhagen has announced its goal to increase the overall turn-over by almost 40 per cent in 2006, and the Danish porcelain company intends to make its production facilities in Sri Lanka and especially Thailand key components in the attempt to achieve this goal.
“In the future, most of our new products will be produced outside of Denmark. They will be developed in Denmark, but the production will be placed abroad,” Administrative Director Peter Lund told the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten (the Jutland Post) last week.

Royal Copenhagen’s decision to upgrade its production capacity abroad will specifically favor the Danish company’s own factory in Thailand. Situated right outside Bangkok, the factory already employs 80 hand-painters, but in the coming year Royal Copenhagen plans to hire 20 additional workers. Thus the number of employees there will continue to increase as rapidly as has been the case since the factory was opened back in 2003. Just six months ago, the factory employed 50 people, yet by December the number had grown to 80. Hand-painters from Denmark train the new recruits in teams of 10 at a time, and two more teams will go through training in 2006.

Royal Copenhagen has recently created a 3-year plan, which is to make the turn-over grow from 438 million DKK in 2005 to 600 million DKK in 2008. Following several years with a deficit on production, 2005 was the first year to bring in a small profit.

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  1. What is name and address of manufacture in Sri Lanka producing Royal Copenhagen porcelain items? First time of asking

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