Prince Joachim to Visit Cambodia and Vietnam

The first stop on Prince Joachim’s humanitarian trip to Southeast Asia will be in Cambodia, where he is to visit an orphanage for children with HIV in the capital of Phnom Penh. Cambodia has the fastest growing spread of HIV, and currently 3.5 per cent of the adult population are infected. The prince will spend one week in Cambodia, also taking some time to inspect some of Danida’s agricultural aid projects.

When going to Vietnam the prince will first travel to the Vietnamese part of the Mekong Delta to see how women from the poor khmer-minority are benefiting from Care Denmark’s credit offer projects, which allows them to borrow money to jumpstart minor agricultural practices, eventually allowing them to increase their investment and support their own families. Prince Joachim will also inspect some of Care Denmark’s water sanitation projects – including a pilot project through which 1000 minor sanitation facilities pasteurize unclean water by using solar energy.

Of course, the prince will also pay visits to several private Danish companies who have invested in Vietnam with support from Danida.

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