Drunken Swede went Berserk on Flight to Thailand

Not long after take-off in Arlanda airport in Stockholm, a heavily intoxicated Swedish man created chaos in the air by hitting and kicking everyone around him. Eye-witnesses report that the half-naked but fully drunken Swede attempted to get into fights with anyone nearest to him, until the crew members and fellow passengers managed to hand-cuff him to a seat. The jumbo jet carried more than 400 passengers – many of them Norwegians on their way to spend some vacation time in Thailand. But the captain of the Thai Airways flight discerned that the drunken Swede – even after being hand-cuffed – was jeopardizing the safety of the passengers, and thus he decided to turn the plane around and fly back to Stockholm after one hour’s flight.

Heavy Hangovers
Today, the man wakes up heavily hung over – both physically and soon-to-be financially. According to the Swedish media, the 44 year-old man can expect a demand for compensation of more than one million Swedish Kroner, should the Thai authorities choose to file a civil lawsuit against him. In addition to this, he will know that he caused a minor environmental catastrophe, since the captain of the plane had to empty 60 ton of fuel in the ocean north of the island of Gotland in order to follow the safety regulations for landing in Arlanda airport. On top of this, the man managed to wreck the beginning of more than 400 people’s vacation, since the plane eventually got back on its wings with a total delay of over five hours.

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