Bird Flu Re-emerges In Malaysia – No Cause For Alarm

February 21 a chicken in Malaysia was confirmed to be infected by bird flu. The incident is the first in the country since autumn 2004.
In an email to Danes living in Malaysia the Danish embassy writes that the Malaysian ministry of agriculture has confirmed the incidence.
“There has been a single and isolated incidence among free range chickens in an area about 15 kilometres North of Kuala Lumpur,” embassy employee Steen Hommel confirmed.
The letter from the embassy stresses that only chickens were infected and there has not been any infection of humans. Furthermore precautions have been taken to isolate the area.
The embassy in its letter also insisted that there is no immediate danger travelling to or staying in Malaysia.
“The incident will, as it is, not cause the embassy to change the travel guidance for Malaysia,” Steen Hommel said.
The embassy refers to “Statens Serum Institut” for more information. “SST” is a government organisation that – among other things – provides information about and observes countries hit by bird flu.

More information on: (Danish page)

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