‘Doctors Without Borders’ Send Danish Administrator to Indonesia

The Danish branch of the world-famous humanitarian NGO Doctors without Borders has sent a new administrator to Indonesia. Marie Villumsen has arrived in the Asmat region on the island of Papua, where she will spend the next three months carrying the administrative and financial responsibility for the new vaccination campaign against measles, which Doctors without Borders is initiating in order to fight a powerful measles epidemic in that region.
Ms. Marie Villumsen is thus in charge of a project which has as its aim stopping the measles outbreak as close to its epicenter as possible. The vaccination campaign aims to secure vaccinations for 90 per cent of all children between the age of six months and 15 years in the many high-risk areas in the Asmat region, within just two months. In addition, the project is to limit the consequences of the outbreak by improving the care and nutrition conditions for children below the age of five.
Villumsen has an HD in marketing economics and this is her third official mission for Doctors without Borders. The organization has worked in Indonesia since 1997.

For more information about the Danish branch of Doctors without Borders and their work in countries like Indonesia, go to www.msf.dk.

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