Hanne-Vibeke Holst Visits Church In Singapore

At the beginning of April noted Danish writer Hanne-Vibeke Holst arrived in Singapore with the purpose of enjoying a holiday in private. But while there, the writer and her family visited the Danish ambassador Klavs Holm and his wife Tove Holm.
The ambassador was quick to set up a café night with the writer at the local Seamen’s Church, a focal point for the local Danish community, and her visit was much appreciated by those in attendance. One of those present was Christina Bech-Andersen, who described the evening with one of her favourite writers to a ScandAsia reporter.

From Journalist to Writer
Hanne-Vibeke Holst is a journalist and also a very successful writer and as well as publishing many newspaper articles, has authored a number of books, written plays and TV series including the Danish hit series “Taxa” and “Strisser på Samsø”.
The writer described her areas of interest central to her work including the difference between the sexes and the power between man and woman both in private and public places.
“Hanne told us she was born in 1959 and went back to her teenage years to find out why this relationship between the sexes has occupied her interest,” Christina explained.
“In the early 70’s in her home in the small Danish town Løkken, Hanne noticed how unfair women were treated compared to men. Both her parents were writers, but only her father had his own office and type writer. When her mom wanted to write, it was done with pen and paper – and of course only once she had finished all the household chores – leaving the house clean, the children and father was taken care of,” she said.

Do not waste life
”One day visiting her grandmother, Hanne suddenly sees an old woman doing the dishes, who never got what she expected from life. I think this is where the rebel Hanne-Vibeke Holst was created,” Christina notes.
”Hanne realises that if she is not to waste her life, she had to move into the men’s turf.”
”She always wanted to be a writer, but to make sure she could make do economically she educated herself as a journalist.”
After being educated she worked for two large Danish newspapers. As a 25-year-old she married her first husband – a marriage which led to a life as a diplomat’s wife in Bruxelles and Moskva.
“Once you get married you kinda admit to yourself that you have lost faith in finding a better offer somewhere else,” Hanne told the crowd at the church.
“In 1988 she had her first baby – almost a day of sorrow as Hanne was caught now in the cliched female role she dreaded so much. But motherly emotions won the day – and of course she loved her little boy.”
“Since then two more children have arrived and the writer also has a new husband.”
Christina was much impressed by the candid talk.
”After hearing her speak so openly at the church April 3, it is clear to me that Hanne-Vibeke Holst has managed to find a life based on her own wishes, while striking a good balance between her career and a satisfying private life.”

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