Danish Tour Operator Hires 747-400 To Meet Demand

As the Danish summer holidays are approaching the interest in going to Thailand is increasing.
Danes are looking to fly to Bangkok in order to start off their holiday in the metropolis and the interest in Thailand is so overwhelming that Danish travel agency Star Tour has decided to charter a jumbo jet on the route between Copenhagen and Bangkok.
According to Star Tours sales manager, Stig Elling, it is a combination of increased fuel prices and the growing demand for trips to Thailand that has made Star Tour change their “tourist-freighter” to a larger model.
“By doing this we can decrease the price per seat – thus selling the tickets to Thailand 1000 DKK cheaper than the going rate at this time,” Elling explains.
The jet is one of Boeing’s newest creations: the 747-400, which is able to travel from Copenhagen to Bangkok in 10 hours carrying up to 582 passengers.
To secure a return ticket for the “jumbo” Danish travellers are looking to pay 5000 DKK for the cheapest seats.

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