Norway, Vietnam Strengthen Relationship

Ambassador of Norway to Vietnam, Kjell Storlokken says Norway and Vietnam have a productive relationship since they established diplomatic relations in 1971. Development cooperation was started with fisheries, the maritime sector and petroleum development. Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi was established in 1996, and since then the bilateral has been broadened.
He said both governments wish to see more active commercial cooperation. There is an increasing interest from Norwegian companies to engage with Vietnamese partners, and for this reason Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi has recently established a new commercial section to support such initiatives. There are scopes for new engagement from Norwegian companies, especially within the maritime sector, oil and gas, hydro-power and telecommunications.
With implementation of reforms under the Doi Moi (renewal) Policy, there is growing similarities between Norway and Vietnam’s economic systems and great scope for cooperation.
Related to culture, Norway has assisted Vietnam in preservation of its cultural heritage, especially within the area of preserving wooden structures. As an example, Norway is supporting, together with UNESCO, an eco-museum in Ha Long Bay.
There have also been a number of cultural exchanges over the years in painting, music and literatures. Also the Ambassador hopes it will become possible to present more of Vietnamese culture in Norway.

Vietnamese Visa exemption for Scandinavians
Vietnam’s decisions in 2005 to exempt residents of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland from visa requirements for entering, leaving and short-term stay in the country has made it easier for tourists to travel to Vietnam and also helps Nordic citizens with Vietnamese family ties to visit relatives in Vietnam.

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