Danes Can’t Get Enough of Thailand

The Danes in the cold north seems to be unable to get enough of Thailand and this makes airlines and travel agencies set up extra flights for the Danes looking for sunshine during the cold Danish Winter.
Already two of the big players increased their departures for Thailand. Thai Airways has set up an extra weekly flight this year – so the airline has planes leaving every day in the week. SAS has scheduled flights six days a week. But it is not enough to satisfy the Danish demand as winter approaches.
To met demands several Danish travel agencies have chartered extra flights. MyTravel Airways and Novair are to fly once a week, while another agency “Tyrkiet Expresen” is chartering three weekly flights.
And as the months pass more names are joining to the pool of agencies flying to Thailand. Last added was TUIfly Nordic. The company received a booking for a Boeing 747-400 from Star Tour. The 747 is spacey enough for 582 passengers, which makes it one of the largest charter planes in the world.
And in the near future another player is looking to set up yet another charter. Albatros Travel is looking to hire a plane for themselves, as they have problems finding seats for their guests on the existing flights.

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