Medicine Leftovers Found in Danish Food from Vietnam

Normally chloramfenikol is used to treat various deceases in fish, but leftovers of the antibiotic seems to have found its way into a bag of pangasius fish with mushrooms and basil-sauce from the Danish company Gamba Foods. The specific dish, in which the medicine leftovers were found, has been produced in Vietnam by Gamba Foods’ partner company Vin Huan Co. Ltd.

     As a result of these unpleasant findings, Gamba Foods instantly recalled the entire product line of the pangasius dish from stores all over Denmark – including towns such as Viby Sjaelland, Aarhus, Glostrup, and Nibe. The Danish company has also urged anyone who has purchased one of these meals to throw it out or to bring it back to the store.

     Adding to the worries of Gamba Foods is the fact that the medicine found in the meal is a special kind of antibiotic drug, which is only allowed to be used on animals that are not to be eaten.

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