Possible Comeback for Carlsberg in Thailand

Carlsberg may soon find its way back unto the beer shelves in Thailand. After last year’s legal agreement with multi-billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi from Thai Beverage, the Danish-owned beer giant considers making a comeback on Thailand’s lucrative beer market after three years’ absense. In the legal document, the two parties signed an agreement to investigate the possibilities for a potential cooperation.
     “It has not yet resulted in anything specific, but that is not due to bad feelings,” Carlsberg’s Press Secretary Mr. Jens Peter Skaarup states.
     However, should Carlsberg decide to make a move on the Thai beer market, they will face some tough competition. Several international players have already increased their efforts in Thailand – including Heineken who has entered a joint venture with Asia Pacific Breweries and thus made a serious entrance on the Thai market. The beer battle focuses especially on the luxuries brands, since the local companies Thai Beverages and Boonrawd Brewery have already established themselves on the broader market.

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