Booming Viking Sales Create Jobs In Vietnam

Headquartered from Faaborg, where 14 people are employed, the Viking Rubber Company A/S, produces working clothes at their factories in Poland and Vietnam – and a booming order book is now creating more jobs in those two countries.
The Danish company exited the accounting year 2005/2006 with a DKK 1 million profit, and the company already has landed orders worth more than last years revenues.

The expansion
To deal with the filled order book Viking Rubber is expanding their production capacity.
In Vietnam Viking Rubber is building a whole new workroom to house 70 – 140 sewers. The workroom is expected to be finished before New Year.
In Poland the company’s partner subsidiary is hoping to employ 100 extra workers.
As a part of the success the company has recently opened a sales office in Chile, where the main customers are local fishermen and Danish Maersk Line’s local operations.

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