Sweden brings football and education program to Asia

Velletri Soccer Group, VSG, a newly founded soccer player development organization with Swedish management has begun operations in Asia starting with the Philippines.

Our business idea is to raise the best soccer players in the world. This is done with a new, modern and responsible concept by running academies, primarily in developing countries, where school education and professional soccer training are combined already from pre school. Many kids dream of becoming football stars, but those who don’t make it in the traditional way many big clubs bring in talents, are dumped and never taken care of after they exit. VSG is a new, different and independent player on the market and will be a major supplier of soccer talents to professional European clubs as well as national clubs. VSG has a clear commercial focus and offers different business opportunities for sponsors and partners through various products. With a strong economy as a corner stone in the company more children can enjoy soccer, get education and have a good start in life,” says Mr. Jan Källman, VSG Communication Manager.

Soccer is taught according to IFK Göteborg’s youth development program ‘Secrets of Soccer’ which VSG has the rights to use and the club’s academy responsible Roger Gustafsson is also a consultant to VSG. 

“VSG is somehow similar to a charity where you sponsor a child’s education and upbringing but we are also different because we have a clear sports and business focus. Who wouldn’t like to be a sponsor of a player in the Brazilian, Philippine or the Argentine National team? Sponsors are for example also able to market their brands and travel to and interact with business people in other VSG countries,” says Jan Källman.

Currently VSG operates in Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, the Philippines and Trinidad & Tobago. Ghana’s soccer national Derek Boateng is a VSG ‘ambassador’. He went through a combined school and soccer program at home until aged 16 when his international career took off. Now Derek is a key player in Swedish premier league club AIK and currently playing in Ghana’s jersey at the World Cup 2006 in Germany. China, Malaysia, Haiti, Mexico, Paraguay and South Africa are scheduled to join VSG 2007 but more Asian countries may enter soon.

“Asian players are hot in European clubs following the last World Cup in Japan and South Korea. And soccer is big business in Asia. Look at all corporate sponsors from Asian countries that support soccer one way or another, and how crazy the general public is about soccer. VSG intends to be a responsible actor in this growing soccer, market, producing great players and well educated human beings, often in liaison with charity organizations, as well as making money for sponsors and partners. You can read more at our website http://www.velletrisoccergroup.com

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