Case Against James Christensen Crumbles

The proceedings against the 44 year old Dane, James Christensen who spent months in a Thai prison on charges of attempted arson against his neighbour, ended today with a court hearing in which James Christensen himself was the prime witness.
The prosecutors main evidence today was to bring forward shoes found in James Christensens house claiming they would fit footprints found at the scene of the crime and that they would fit James’ feet. This was not the case.
The court will now deliberate whether James Christensen is guilty or not and announce its verdict on the 15. August.
The last day in court seemed to sustain the impression from the previous days, that the case against the Dane is crumbling. The tall Dane left the court with his sister Eva Behring still concerned about the verdict but both seem a lot more optimistic.
Earlier this week, the prosecutor wasn’t able to proove that gascylinders bought by James Christensen were identical to the gascylinders found at the chicken farm, which the suspect should allegedly have tried to burn down. This was the prosecutors strongest evidence that failed already on day one of the trial which lasted for seven hours.
Wearing a white shirt with a blue tie the skinny and pale James looks like a man still recovering from fifteen months in jail but maybe soon can book his ticket home to Denmark.
Counsellor from the Danish embassy in Bangkok Ulrik Holst Soerensen, who arrived in Langsuan on the first of the trial, will today return to Bangkok to await the outcome of the court’s deliberation of the case.

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