Telenor meets PM Thaksin

The heads of Norwegian telecom giant Telenor and its Thai business partner Total Access Communication (DTAC) had a meeting with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra at the Government House in January to discuss telecom policies and the investment outlook in Thailand. The meeting was also aimed at promoting liberalization and foreign investment in the industry.
     The Norwegian delegation included Telenor president and CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas and Telenor Mobile senior executive vice president and CEO Arve Johansen.
Telenor holds a 29.94-per-cent stake in DTAC, the country’s second-largest mobile-phone operator, and a 25-per-cent share in United Communication Industry Plc (UCOM).
     Baksaas’s Asian business roundtrip also included, after Thailand, a visit to Malaysia and Singapore before returning to Norway.

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