Independent Guide to Thai Property Jungle

Increasingly Swedes want to purchase a house or apartment in Thailand and the supply of housing estate projects targeting Swedes, Scandinavians and other foreigners is increasing dramatically in Thailand. The growing Thai housing market has laws and regulations which differ from what Scandinavians are used to back home.
To find the suitable project and buying right, especially in an alluring paradise environment, can be tricky. On mistake can be costly.
In order to help prospective buyers in selecting a suitable home and finding the right solution for their needs in Thailand, in October 2006 launches custom-made independent showing trips to various house and apartment projects in Thailand.
“Thailand is a fantastic country with many possibilities. However, the selection is fairly large and it can be difficult to find the right type of housing and receiving well-informed advice. We at Thailandbostad are Swedes with many decades of joint experience from the country who can assist with this,” say Håkan Alm, MD for Vision House Co. Ltd in Bangkok, whose subsidiary Net Professor (Thailand)
Co. Ltd runs
“Compared to individual property developers’ showing trips to their specific projects,’s trips not only visit many projects. We are also cost-effective. On one trip we give you just as much as you would otherwise have to pay multiple for, in order to see and learn through individual showing trips. The trips are carried out during Swedish guidance. All northerners who can speak Swedish are of course welcome to join,” explains Håkan Alm.’s trips start and finish in Thailand and the participants books their own flight trip. The round trips take place every week from October and onwards and are up to six days long.
“Our prices, which includes transportation, accommodation and meals vary between 4500 SEK and up to 6000 SEK depending on what part of Thailand your are choosing, what time of the year you are traveling and how many days the trips takes,” says Håkan Alm.
For more info, visit the website (this website has been suspended)

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