ThaiEstate Scandinavia establishes collaboration with Tropical Luxury Living

The Danish company ThaiEstate Scandinavia ApS in Copenhagen has entered into an “exceptional strategic collaboration” with the Danish property business Tropical Luxury Living Co., Ltd and its Director Rune Theils by on the paradise island Koh Samui in Thailand. “The collaboration gives the Scandinavian customers of ThaiEstate a set-up of services that perhaps has not been seen before on Samui – and possibly nowhere before in Thailand,” writes ThaiEstate.
“As the sophisticated customer’s influence is an essential request these days when it comes to the design of their dream house investment in for example Thailand, it has been of utmost significance for us to find a collaborator who can live up to these customer’s individual
requests regarding design, functionality, placement, choice of materials etc. At ThaiEstate Scandinavia we know only one company with
can supply this and that is T.L.L Group.”
Tropical Luxury Living (T.L.L) is an architecture and design, construction and engineering as well as property service company doing
individual solutions to meet their customers’ individual needs and desirers. They offer “original and optimal design of private style
full luxury villas, built in the respect of the great tropical nature of Samui.” Furthermore, the company caters to rental needs with their website
Through the collaboration the real estate broker can start the process back home in Denmark with the customer regarding the superior demands and wishes prior to the investment, combined with the issues related to taxes and law, which, according to the real estate agent, makes the collaboration an advantage for its Scandinavian customers.
“T.L.L. Group stands in charge for the construction (T.L.L Construction Co., Ltd), and it’s probably the strongest guarantee for our customers to get what they are asking for, and additionally, that T.L.L. Home Service and T.L.L. Rental make it even more obvious why
this structure is so outstanding,” according to Lars Lang from ThaiEstate Scandinavia ApS.
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