Huge Interest for SAS Golf Cup

82 golfers turned up for this year’s SAS Golf Cup at Burapha Golf Club in Pattaya on November the 11th. The SAS cup was the first of two tournaments in one weekend. Golf captain Klaus Støve explains that 82 is the highest number of golfers attending a tournament this season so far.
“I think a lot of players turned up to win one of the good prizes which included plane tickets from SAS,” Klaus Støve says.
In spite of tough competition everybody had a nice day at the beautiful golf course. Kaarlo Laakso, however, had a nicer day than most of the players. Not only did he win Group B. He also won the SAS Cup trophy with Thomas Nilsson, winner of Group A, as runner up. Peder Haraldsson became second in Group A followed by Jimabutr Petcharat.
In group B, the General Manager of SAS in SEA, Hakon Olsson was runner-up and Sverre Haug, who won the group last year, ended third.
However the Haug family did manage to repeat last year’s success and win a plane ticket as Usa Haug became the winner of Group C followed by Anne-Marie Hauslo and Kirsten Lillelund.
Leif Bjorling won the CC & Guest group. Pia Loquist was runner-up and Per Eric Balfe ended third.
After the tournament it was time for dinner at the club house. Close to 100 people attended but obviously the dinner did not improve the ability to play good golf, which could be seen on Sunday when it was time to play the “morning after” tournament. “
On Saturday the players made an impressive 21 birdies, but none of the players managed to make a single birdie on Sunday.
“Perhaps they had used all their energy playing the tournament on Saturday or perhaps their hands were shaking a bit Sunday morning,” Klaus Støve laughs.
“The reason we play the second tournament is simply that some of the players have travelled a long way to play and then we might as well play as much golf as possible,” the golf captain explains.
On Sunday Thomas Nilsson, Kaarlo Laakso and Usa Haug showed that it was no coincidence that the won the groups on Saturday as they managed to win again at the “morning after” tournament. Jan Olof-Alhenius won the CC & Guest group.
The next tournament for the Scandinavian Society Siam’s golf section will be on December 2nd. And Klaus Støve certainly does not mind having a little break.
“We have had four tournaments in three weeks and that really requires a lot of work organizing. I must admit that I am tired now and that I really look forward to relax a bit now,” Klaus Støve says.
But for the golf captain relaxing does not mean lying on the couch all the time.
“No I will definitely go to the golf course and play some golf. But I will enjoy that I do not have to arrange a lot of things. That I can just play golf and relax afterwards will really be nice and I am looking forward to it. But I will be ready for the next tournament early December,” the Dane tells.
The next tournament is the LVT cup at the Vintage Golf & Country Club.
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