$4mln Fund From Denmark

The Danish Government sponsors the Cu Lao Cham marine reserve this year with US$4million, aiming to help local residents to find better ways to make a living besides fishing which has degraded marine wildlife.
The Danish marine park fund started in 2003 on Cu Lao Cham Island in the central Quang Nam province to protect valuable habitats and biodiversity. Before this, Danida has helped Vietnam to set up its first sea park, the Hon Mun marine reserve, which was introduced in 2000 in Khanh Hoa province.
The new fund will provide free training courses on handy-crafts and campaigns to raise further awareness on marine protection among the community.
Cu Lao Cham marine reserve include eight islands nourish with 165 coral reefs, 500 hectares of seaweed and sea grass, moreover the scientists have recently found 135 coral species, including six species discovered in Vietnam’s waters for the first time ever, 202 fish species, four species of lobster, and 84 reptile species.
Vietnam’s marine preservation network has played an important role to ensure marine ecological balance protecting biodiversity, and creating a harmonious environment conductive to sustainable economic development.

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