Volvo Thailand Sets Goal for 2007

Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd. aims to expand sales in automobile market in Thailand for 1,000 units in the year 2007, according to Robert Norman who takes a helm as a president of the Swedish car company.
“We set a goal of 1000-unit sales because we have new models ready for the market,” Norman tells Manager Newspaper, adding that positive feedback of the new models from customers in Europe can also bring confident to the company.
The Swedish automaker will launch two or three new models in 2007, including Volvo C30 which will be introduced to the public in the next coming Motor Show in Bangkok this year.
According to a data of the sales in 2006, the total amount was lower than expected – half of 1,000-unit goal.
“We admit that last year’s performance didn’t turn out very well,” reveals Norman and explains that low turn out of the sales could definitely affect the production. It is good of the company that it does not manufacture just only passenger cars, but also trucks and trailers.
“However, we will be here forever after more than 30 years in Thailand,” he confirms
Robert Norman also predicts market trend in luxurious car this year that it could remain unchanged from 2006 level about 7,000 units since Thai economy is very strong but the consumers tend to purchase less goods and services recently due to inevitable factors.
“I believe that the trend will be better when the consumers regain their confidence,”
Nowadays, Volvo Thailand is working together with16 car dealers nationwide, with half of them in Bangkok. There are many strategic plans to stimulate its market share such as a plan of various styles of cars, and a Volvo 80-year anniversary campaign which has been recently launched to the public.
“This anniversary campaign is very interesting. We have set a goal at 80 units of car. If it can reach 160 units, there will be no problem on that” says Norman, adding that more interesting campaigns will be introduced continuously to Thai people for sure.

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