IKEA Won Top Awards in Singapore

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has won top honours by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Universal Design Awards for the Built Environment in Singapore for its unique shopping cart that can be attached to a wheelchair and special push carts to help carry food which were designed to be more inclusive and pro-family.
“If you do it right from the start, and then with the client understanding from the start these are necessary to be provided, this is actually not that difficult. Also on the way of design, you just take care not to make the building (have) a lot of level changes so the wheelchair people can get in and out and have access to the lobby very easily,” says P’ng Siak Kheng, architect, IKEA Tampines.
Apart from the BCA, the Singapore Institute of Architects and the Handicaps Welfare Association also helped organizing the award which is set to be held annually.
For more informations, please visit http://www.bca.gov.sg/

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