A Danish Artist and her Asian Workshops

Danish artist Marianne Hvass Kure first workshop was held May 9th in Pandora Furniture in Sukhumvit soi 53. The workshop was the first in a series of three held in cooperation with Marianne’s artistic partner, Lucia Naseimento. The next workshop will be held June 6th by Lucia and finally Marianne will have her final workshop on June 20th where she will focus on the art of personal icons. 
The first workshop attracted five guests – all female expats – and they enjoyed the day of making their own art to bring home.
“I really enjoy these workshops”, says Marianne Hvass Kure. “When people get here they think that they cannot make any art, but all it takes is a little peace and time and then things start to grow”, she says.
Marianne was taught art in California and Copenhagen, but it was during a stay in Malaysia, her eyes were opened to Asian art.
“My neighbour in Malaysia was a famous Chinese artist and he taught me the simple art that China is famous for”, she explains. According to her Chinese teacher, Marianne had to start with ‘The noble 4’; bamboo, plum tree, orchids and chrysanthemum.
“After learning to reproduce these four, I found the simplicity of Chinese art and saw how easily it is combined with Danish aesthetics”, she explains.
Marianne Hvass Kure lives with her husband and children in the village of Phala close to Rayong. Here she also has her atelier together with Lucia Naseimento. The next workshop by Marianne is on June 20th in Pandora Furniture in Bangkok. Here, the workshop will focus on making your own personal icon by bringing photos or items that can be incorporated in the art. 
Marianne’s art will be on exhibition this fall at the Opium Gallery in Pattaya together with other Scandinavian artists. Until the end of June, Marianne’s pictures can be seen in Pandora Furniture.

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