Danida Supported the Arbitration and Contract Writing Courses

Danida supports Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (VCCI) work to make arbitration and legal contracts more used in the business sector all over Vietnam. In the traditionally less developed mountain areas of Vietnam, courses in arbitration and contract writing helps the business sector adjust to the new global competition.
VCCI has in 2007 continued its activities giving courses on contract writing and arbitration, starting out in four mountainous provinces – Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Ha Giang and Cao Bang. The courses were taught by highly professional consultants who are actively assisted by staff of the legal department of the VCCI and the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC).
Building on experiences from earlier training courses the course organisers use new methodologies. A role-play was set up to illustrate arbitration procedures i.e. what happens once an enterprise has filed a case with an arbitration centre. Participants gained better understanding of commercial dispute resolution from this experience and the courses became lively and relaxed.
The courses attracted almost 300 participants. They represent a major part of enterprises from mainly the capital cities in the provinces. The courses were welcomed and highly appreciated at the four provinces where opportunities to update knowledge and information and gain skills and experience are rare. The VCCI was particularly happy to welcome participants from the ethnic minorities, as these groups generally are weakly represented in the business sector.
The Commercial Dispute Resolution component under Danida’s Business Sector Programme Support aims to contribute to the creation of a more efficient and respected commercial dispute resolution system.

The component has two sub-components with the following immediate objectives:

1. Capability and reputation of the Economic Court System
2. Arbitration Centres increasingly used as instruments for
    resolution of commercial disputes.

The component is based on the assumption that Vietnam’s further integration into the global economy – including the country’s WTO membership – requires a well functioning and recognized commercial dispute resolution system.

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