Danish Supported Training Kits Help Vietnamese Farmers

The training kits are published by the small livestock component in the agricultural sector programme, supported by Danish Embassy. Copies are available from the National Agricultural Extension Center (NAEC).
14,500 published extension materials are in these days distributed at central, provincial and communal levels. The purpose is to disseminate livestock knowledge to Vietnamese farmers and thereby improve their production and income.
“The receivers of the published materials were very happy when they got them as it is very useful in order to improve livestock production and disseminate livestock knowledge to farmers “, says a happy Ms. Tran Kim Anh from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
The training manuals are technical and participatory approach training manuals for farmers in farmer livestock schools. These schools provide intensive training courses for farmer groups based on the principles of non-formal adult education, active participation and learning by doing.
The extension kits are given to the receivers free of charge and include a range of materials communicated in an easily understandable language. The published material includes 4.000 training manuals, 6.000 farmer handbooks, 1.000 training visual aids, 500 posters, 1.000 farmer club guidelines and 2.000 DVDs.
The training manuals are intended for the training of farmers on small livestock production and participatory methods as well as training of trainers responsible for conducting the farmer schools. The farmer handbooks are compiled on the basis of farmer practical questions, while the training visual aids and DVDs are helping the trainers illustrating their lectures.

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